Brazosport College is adjusting its health screening process as employees, students, and visitors come to campus. Instead of a drive-up health screening at the C-Wing, you are required to complete an online COVID-19 Health Screening questionnaire before arriving on campus.


The COVID-19 Health Screening questionnaire can be accessed in English or Spanish. This questionnaire has been designed to be quick and simple to fill out and can be easily accessed through all internet browsers, smartphones, and tablets.  

You will need to fill out the questionnaire each day you intend on coming to the Brazosport College campus.

Once completed, you will be shown either a green checkmark with “APPROVED FOR ENTRY” if you have passed, or a red exclamation mark with “STAY HOME, STAY SAFE” if you failed, as well as your name, and the date you completed the questionnaire.


If you arrive on campus without completing the Health Screening questionnaire, you can complete it using your smartphone. If you do not have access to a computer or smartphone, computer stations are available at Human Resources located in the C-Wing lobby as well as in the Library located in the center of campus. Other computer locations may be listed in future updates.


Brazosport College will have an increased focus on safety monitoring to promote safety protocols of social distancing, wearing a face-covering or mask, practicing good hygiene, etc. Once on campus, have either the confirmation email or confirmation screen of your completed questionnaire available as you may be asked at random to show proof of completing the self-screening tool. Audits within the health screening system will also be conducted to ensure self-screenings are being completed.  

Upon arrival to campus, you will be able to access all parking lots and enter campus through most entrances. 

To provide clarification, face masks or facial coverings are required for all students, employees, and visitors (ages 10 and up) any time on campus.  

The exceptions are: if you are walking, running, or biking on the trails; if you are in your vehicle; if you are alone in your office with the door closed; if you are a welding student actively welding and wearing a welding face shield; and, if you are an instructor lecturing students, you may wear a face shield instead of a face mask in addition to maintaining 6ft. of distance. Otherwise, all individuals, students, faculty, staff, groundskeepers, and contractors are to wear a face-covering/mask.


Each day you complete the self-screening to come to campus, you will be asked to provide:

  • Name
  • Email address (Preferable your Brazosport College email address)
  • Phone Number
  • Brazosport College ID Number or Date of Birth
  • College Affiliation (Such as a student, employee or visitor)

Based on guidance from health authorities, the questions you will be asked are:

  • In the past 24 hours, have you experienced:
    • Fever (Equal to or greater than 100.4F)
    • Chills
    • Repeated Shaking with Chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Sore Throat
    • Muscle Pain
    • Headache
    • Loss of Taste or Smell
    • Diarrhea 
  •  In the past 14 days:
    • Have you had close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19

Anyone that does not pass the COVID-19 Health Screening questionnaire should not come to campus. Everyone that passes should be prepared to show the confirmation email.

These procedures are subject to change, so it's vital that you check your Brazosport College email for updates before heading to campus.

Distance Learning Fee Waived

Spring and May Mini Semesters will NOT be charged the $40 per course Distance Learning Fee normally included in addition to tuition and fees. The College wants to ease the burden of cost and make all courses as accessible as possible during this time.  All other tuition and fees will be charged.

Tuition Smarter


Need help paying for college? Payment Plans are available. 

Visit to learn more about payment plans. You can also check out the Cashier's Office website. Please note: This payment plan requires a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25.00 and can also be drafted from a checking or savings account or charged to any major credit card.

Simple Steps to Enroll in a Payment Plan


  1. Log in to myBC
  2. Click on myBC tab
  3. Choose Account Info
  4. Click on Review/Pay Account
  5. Select a Term and click on Display Balance
  6. Scroll to end of bill and click on Red “Pay in Full & Payment Plan” button


  1. Log in to myBC
  2. Click on the Community Education tab
  3. Choose Account Info
  4. Click on Review/Pay Account
  5. Select a Term and click on Display Balance
  6. Scroll to end of bill and click on Red “Pay in Full & Payment Plan” button


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